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After President Donald Trump won the 2016 election, HuffPost spent a reported $1 million on a national, 25-city “Listen To America” bus tour to help the HuffPost reach new audiences.

“In the past, the brand identity was very liberal-progressive, but I see us as really reflecting an audience that feels left out,” Lydia Polgreen said at the time, according to the Wall Street Journal. “So many news organizations already go after elite audiences.”

Yet flash forward a couple of years later, and HuffPost appears unchanged in how it reports on the Trump presidency. In its coverage Thursday of Attorney General William Barr, HuffPost showed its clear bias with a homepage headline calling him “Bonkers Barr,” and calling Barr’s press conference prior to his release of the Mueller report “bizarre.”


HuffPost reporters Hayley Miller, Jessica Schulberg and Ryan J. Reilly then said that he “parroted” his opinions: “there was ‘no collusion,’ as Trump has parroted for years,” they wrote. defines “parroted” as “to repeat or imitate without thought or understanding.”

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