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HuffPost Calls Pro-Life Legislation ‘Delusional,’ Uses Flimsy Facts

HuffPost’s coverage [1]of the Georgia “heartbeat bill” described the pro-life legislation as delusional, indicating clear bias against pro-life activists, despite widespread American support for restrictions on abortion. [2]

HuffPost journalist Lydia O’Connor called the law “extreme” and said that it’s “not rooted in reality.”

“The proposed law would ban abortion as soon as a doctor can detect a fetal heartbeat, which usually happens at around six weeks into a pregnancy,” O’Connor wrote, and then claimed — without evidence — “That’s before most women even know they’re pregnant.”

Members of the mainstream media plant negative verbiage and monikers against pro-life activists, positioning them as reactive, “anti” activists. HuffPost did the same this time.

In its photo caption, HuffPost called pro-choice activists “abortion rights advocates” while describing pro-life activists as “anti-abortion demonstrators”