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Amanda Terkel, Washington bureau chief of HuffPost, displayed a lack of objectivity and ability to provide context in a recent article headlined, “Donald Trump Really Wishes He Were A Dictator.”

“In Singapore, Trump commented that he liked how positive the coverage of Kim is on North Korean TV ? which is entirely run by the state — and joked that one of the female anchors should move to the United States so that he could get the same treatment, according to the Washington Post. But Trump finds these jokes funny in part because, well, there’s some truth in them. He really does like dictators and seems to want to be one,” Terkel, who has no formal psychiatric training, writes in her psychoanalysis of the President.

Terkel failed to mention positive statements that many other U.S. presidents have made toward or about despotic leaders in the name of carrots-and-sticks approaches to pursue a higher global peace.

Terkel cites the fact that “He wanted a military parade,” as evidence of Trump’s dictatorial nature, since “Dictators often use these shows of force to project strength and remind people who’s in charge.” Yet the HuffPost article doesn’t mention that Trump’s remarks were in light of a trip to France, a democracy, where Trump admired that country’s parade honoring military service men and women.

In her section titled “He wants government institutions to go after his political enemies,” Terkel writes that “Trump wants law enforcement to be his personal force,” neglecting prior accusations of politically-motivated executive actions, including the alleged IRS targeting of conservative groups under the Obama administration and the allegation that the Obama administration targeted the S&P credit rating agency because it had downgraded sovereign U.S. debt (the first time a downgrade below AAA had ever occurred in American history).
“Trump was unhappy that many Democratic members of Congress didn’t stand up and applaud during his State of the Union address, and he called them ‘un-American,’” Terkel writes, ignoring the context from President Trump’s speech, where he said that “Unemployment claims have hit a 45-year low. African-American unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded, and Hispanic-American unemployment has also reached the lowest levels in history,” he said. Calling for bipartisan support to boost employment and lower black and Latino unemployment would in past administrations would be celebrated, yet Terkel seems unwilling to acknowledge these worthy goals.

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