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Howard Dean’s Experiments on Children

While Howard Dean is a Northeastern liberal, he’s no Michael Dukakis. So says William Kristol of The Weekly Standard, writing in the Washington Post about Dean’s chances to win in 2004. In 1988, the former Massachusetts governor lost to George H.W. Bush after being branded a dreaded “Massachusetts liberal.” By contrast, the media have labeled Dean a “conservative” or “centrist” on some issues.

But the truth about Dean’s embrace of the radical homosexual agenda could put the former Vermont governor on the far, far left side of the political spectrum, even beyond the liberalism of Dukakis.

For this reason, it’s a safe bet that the liberal media will try their best to keep this explosive story in the closet.

Oreste Valsangiacomo Sr., a Democrat who served 30 years in the state legislature, has written that Dean was a key member of a sophisticated campaign that implemented the homosexual agenda in the state over a period of many years.

Equally significant, Dean strongly supported Outright Vermont, a group luring young people into homosexuality. Dean met with its leaders and sponsored state funding of the group. What’s more, Dean appointed homosexual Bill Lippert, Outright’s founder, as a state representative in July 1994 to fill a vacancy in the legislature.

As detailed in a letter to the Rutland (Vermont) Herald, Valsangiacomo said that the strategy continued to unfold when Lippert was appointed as vice chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and helped produce the legislation recognizing homosexual “civil unions” and granting marriage benefits to these “couples.” Dean went behind closed doors to sign it, keeping the date and time of the signing a secret from legislators and the press. Dean and Lippert would embrace in victory. It was the first such bill in the nation.

Meanwhile, Outright, which received state money under Dean to conduct “diversity workshops” in schools, came under fire for homosexual advocacy. State Rep. Carl Haas said that voters in Vermont regarded this matter as even more troubling than homosexual unions. He was quoted in the Rutland Herald as saying, “What people were really concerned about was that we had people going into the schools sanctioning homosexuality.”

In a column almost two years ago, Stanley Kurtz of the Hudson Institute said he also found “growing alarm” about Outright Vermont during a visit to Dean’s state. He found notices on bulletin boards in a high school for the school’s gay-straight alliance advising students to go to a website that directed them to “homosexual pornography.”

Going beyond homosexuality, the March 2003 issue of Outright Vermont’s newsletter features an article about a Vermont youth who enjoyed attending a “True Spirit Conference” held in Washington in February and meeting people known as FTMs. These have undergone “female-to-male” physical experiences that involve surgery to remove breasts and the taking of hormones and testosterone. The conference featured “chest reconstruction surgery” and “chest surgery show and tell” workshops.

Under Dean’s tenure, Outright Vermont received state funding from the Vermont Department of Health and additional funds from the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation and the Samara Foundation of Vermont. Lippert serves as the executive director of the Samara Foundation, in addition to continuing to serve in the legislature.

Valsangiacomo told me that he won’t talk in detail about Dean’s pro-homosexual agenda and the secret meetings he held to make it a reality in Vermont until the former governor wraps up the Democratic nomination. He did say that he is strongly supporting President Bush’s re-election.

But in that letter in the Rutland Herald, he traced the pro-homosexual campaign to a private Nov. 7, 1993 meeting of 12 Democrats and several homosexuals at the home of the chair of the state Democratic Party committee. He maintains it actually went back further, noting that Playboy ran a 1972 article, “Taking Over Vermont,” about a “blueprint” by two Yale University activists for homosexuals and other radicals and leftists to move into the state and transform it politically.

Some of this may sound fantastic, but the fact is that Dean’s Vermont has become more liberal than Massachusetts. Vermont, which boasts the only openly socialist member of Congress, Rep. Bernard Sanders, beat Massachusetts to the punch on “gay” marriage. It’s true that Dean is no Dukakis. In fact, Dean may be more liberal (and more vulnerable) on the critical social issues.

Now with the support of Al Gore, Dean is in the process of “taking over America.” With the help of the media, who support his radical agenda, he could succeed. But his success will depend on concealing the facts about Dean’s homosexual experiment?and how he has used young people as sexual guinea pigs.