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It has been tempting for some conservatives to blame the Mark Foley homosexual predator scandal on George Soros and the Democratic Party, rather than Foley himself and the Republicans who protected him. But Soros and the Democrats did not put Foley in the position of House Deputy Majority Whip. What’s more, Soros and the Democrats did not establish or maintain what the New York Times describes in an explosive Sunday article as a secret network of Republican homosexuals on Capitol Hill.

The Times story by Mark Leibovich reports that “The presence of homosexuals, particularly gay men, in crucial staff positions has been an enduring if largely hidden staple of Republican life for decades, and particularly in recent years. They have played decisive roles in passing legislation, running campaigns and advancing careers.”

In another dramatic revelation, The Los Angeles Times reports that one former page was seduced into having sex with Foley, and that Foley used the page program to physically assess male teenagers in order to cultivate them as sex targets.

As I contended during an interview on the public television program NOW, the Republicans have only themselves to blame for this scandal. House leaders permitted homosexuals to infiltrate and manipulate the party apparatus while they publicly postured as friends of family values and traditional marriage. The facade is now in ruins. The press can’t be blamed for seizing on a real and legitimate story.

In the case of Foley, a 52-year-old man, what cannot be disputed is that House leaders knew that he was a homosexual but permitted him to remain in Congress despite the emergence of emails he sent to a 16-year-old former page asking for a photo and other personal information. The boy called the messages “sick,” and he was right.

The matter had been brought to the attention of Congress in the fall of 2005 by the parents of the targeted page, who didn’t want his name known but wanted the sexual harassment stopped. House leaders say they warned Foley to stop.

That’s wasn’t good enough, however. They knew about Foley’s homosexuality and should have seen the emails as the mark of a predator and pedophile. Instead, they waited until more explicit messages were uncovered and publicized to act. That was the critical failure that led some conservatives to call for House Speaker Dennis Hastert to resign.

On the Fox News Sunday program, conservative Republican Rep. Jack Kingston continued to insist, in a shameful display of partisan spin, that the messages to the 16-year-old were just “friendly” and that House leaders handled the matter properly. The fact remains that House leaders conducted no investigation into the Foley matter and didn’t inform the Democratic member of the House committee overseeing the pages as to what Foley was up to.

Now, in a major conflict of interest that makes the Republican response look even more questionable, it turns out that two top Republican congressional staffers aware of the problem early on were themselves homosexual. They were Kirk Fordham, Foley’s former chief of staff who resigned as an aide to Representative Thomas M. Reynolds, and Jeff Trandahl, the former clerk of the House of Representatives who had oversight of the page program. Fordham and Trandahl “did not hide their homosexuality, and they were well known in Washington’s gay community,” according to the New York Times article. But this will come as big news to many conservatives in the Republican Party.

Fordham reportedly tried to protect Foley by making a deal with ABC News to conceal the most damaging Internet messages, while Trandahl resigned as clerk in the fall of 2005, about the same time that House Republican leaders were said to have initially questioned Foley about his overtures to young boys.

Fordham, under fire, claims he went to Scott Palmer, Foley’s chief of staff, asking the speaker’s office to do something about Foley’s behavior as far back as 2003. Palmer denies that. Even if the denial holds up, it still means that at least one top Republican congressional staffer knew about Foley’s conduct three years ago.

Whether it was three years ago or last year, House leaders had plenty of time to react so that it would not emerge as a campaign issue so close to the November elections. They can’t blame Soros or the Democrats for their own failure.

The possibility remains, however, that Democrats or their operatives have played a role of some kind in the scandal.

During a Thursday appearance on MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson show, radical gay activist Michael Rogers declared that “the greatest kept secret for the GOP for the past six or seven years has been the extraordinary number of closeted men who have been helping to facilitate that anti-gay agenda. And I know that there are a lot of my friends on the Republican side who are fed up and have been feeding me information on people like Mark Foley for well over a year.” Rogers has a blog identifying secret GOP homosexuals.

What Rogers is saying is that secret Republican homosexuals are working behind-the-scenes to sabotage a conservative pro-family agenda in the Congress. They are acting more like Democrats than Republicans, if indeed they are Republicans. Whatever their actual party affiliation, these operatives are using the liberal media, homosexual publications, and radical bloggers like Rogers to accomplish their objectives.

In fact, this modus operandi was already employed in the case of Rep. Jim Kolbe, the only openly homosexual Republican member of Congress who came out of the closet after he was threatened with being “outed” for voting for the pro-family Defense of Marriage Act. Kurt Wolfe, the reporter behind that outing, said that, as a result of the campaign, “Jim Kolbe did the right thing and his voting record changed."

Despite Kolbe’s living a lie and changing his position on legislation in response to homosexual pressure, Hastert and Vice President Dick Cheney hailed his congressional career in video tributes delivered at the 2006 convention of the Log Cabin Republicans, the homosexual activist group. Kolbe is retiring from Congress.

For the sake of honest and open government, not to mention protection of the children, the secret Capitol Hill homosexual network must be exposed and dismantled. But only Republican leaders can do that. Their failure to do so suggests that the network may go higher and deeper—and have more power—than even the New York Times article indicated.

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