Accuracy in Media

Mainstream media and Hollywood liberals have capitalized on Hurricanes Harvey and Irma this week to voice concern over and to blame global warming for the devastation in Texas and Florida.

The Nation wrote: “To refuse to act against global warming … is murder” and “Climate denialism is literally killing us.”

Actress Jennifer Lawrence said it was hard not to think the storms are signs of “Mother Nature’s rage and wrath” at America for electing Donald Trump.

“I’ve heard things and seen things on TV in my own country that devastate me and make me sick, and it’s just really confusing,” Lawrence said on television in the UK.

A Guardian article headlined, “This is how your world could end,” detailed a climate doomsday scenario.

“Raging wildfires, once-in-1,000-years storms and lethal heatwaves have become fixtures of the evening news – and all this after the planet has warmed by less than 1°C above pre-industrial temperatures. But here’s where it gets really scary.

“If humanity burns through all its fossil fuel reserves, there is the potential to warm the planet by as much as 18°C and raise sea levels hundreds of feet […] If the worst-case scenarios come to pass, today’s modestly menacing ocean-climate system will seem quaint.

“The last time it was 4°C warmer there was no ice at either pole and sea levels was 80 meters higher than it is today. “

Fortunately, the hot air generated by global warming alarmists is not heat-trapping, Mother Nature is not punishing Trump voters and temperature changes on earth are minimal.

Judith Curry, an esteemed climate scientist, deflated the argument connecting Irma to climate change by pointing out that the storm formed and intensified in cool waters.

The National Hurricane Center reports that storms are no more intense or frequent worldwide than they have been since the 1850s, according to a report from U.S. News.

Temperatures were higher in the 1920s and 30s despite lower carbon dioxide levels.

Weather historian Roger Pielke said 14 hurricanes of Category 4 or 5 strength made landfall in the U.S. between 1926 and 1969. Since then, just four have, including Hurricane Harvey.

The influence of carbon dioxide on global warming has come under further scrutiny.

“Many, many reputable scientists believe that natural factors overpower the current influence of CO2 on global warming,” H. Leighton Steward, a geologist and environmentalist, said.

Steward said it would be a mistake to work to lower carbon dioxide levels, as they do not cause temperatures to rise. Throughout history, temperature increases have occurred independently of carbon dioxide.

As for the sea rise challenge, Steward scoffed at predictions seas will rise 20 feet by the end of this century. He said the International Panel on Climate Change predicts only a 17-inch rise, and “most climatologists predict a rise of only 7 or 8 inches.”

There is still a lot of gas to come from global warming alarmists, who try never to let a crisis go to waste. But don’t be fooled. The data do not support them. 

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