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Showtime host John Heilemann said Wednesday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that President Donald Trump is not interested in solving problems to move our country forward.

In a conversation with two U.S. House members of the Problem Solvers Caucus — one Republican, one Democrat — Heilemann projected his personal feelings about Trump, saying that there would be bipartisan consensus and that the president is nothing but a skunk at the national policy garden party.

“You guys are part of — I want to get up to 30,000 feet here, the Problem Solvers Caucus,” Heilemann said. “It seems to me like there’s the age of Donald Trump, when you have a president — I think we can have bipartisan agreement, that the president is not focussed on being a problem solver — right?

“In a lot of way,s he generates more problems than he solves times and gets in the way of people like you. Just talk a little bit about, in this next year and a half, when the president will be in office almost certainly through reelection, and then we’ll see, what it’s been like to have to deal with a president who, in some respects, has embodied a kind of antithetical approach to the world than the one that you guys embody.”

Heilemann’s rhetoric was not challenged by anyone on the show.

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