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The Washington Post is emerging as a virtual house organ of the homosexual-rights movement. Post media reporter Howard Kurtz has written a brief story, buried in his regular media column, about two lesbians getting “married” in Canada who are former editors for the Post. A “gay-marriage announcement” for them ran on the “Weddings” page of the Post.

They are Deb Price, a columnist for the Detroit News, and Joyce Murdoch, a managing editor for politics at the influential National Journal magazine who had served as an editor and reporter at the Post for 10 years.

This background may help explain why the Post accommodated them by abandoning its traditional requirement that the “Weddings” page only feature announcements relating to legal marriages, engagements to be legally married, or wedding anniversaries. “It seemed to us if they can get married in Canada, they ought to be able to announce it in The Washington Post,” the paper’s counsel Mary Ann Werner told Kurtz. She is rationalizing a decision by a prominent American paper to feature a “wedding announcement” of two lesbians who got “married” in another country because they couldn’t get married legally here. The announcement in the Post was headlined, “Price-Murdoch Nuptials in Canada,” and featured a photo.

The Post company already gives special insurance benefits to “partners” of homosexual staffers and recognizes their “civil unions.” Post chairman Donald Graham defended this policy at the company’s annual meeting in May, even though heterosexuals who shack up are not entitled to such benefits. Graham promised to look into providing details on how much money the company has poured into the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA), but has not yet done so.

Together, Price and Murdoch wrote the book, Courting Justice: Gay Men and Lesbians v. The Supreme Court. Last year they spoke at a benefit for Lambda Legal, a homosexual-rights organization that helped persuade the Supreme Court in the recent Lawrence decision to recognize homosexual rights. They have also spoken before GLOBE, an organization of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender employees of the federal government. It seems just a matter of time before the “transgendered”?men who want to be or dress like women, and vice versa?get “married” and recognized by the Post. In fact, a panel discussion at the upcoming NLGJA convention concerns how the “mainstream press” can improve coverage of the “transgender rights movement.”

It is not widely known that a leader of this movement is a male-to-female transgender known as Leslie Feinberg, a prominent member of the communist Workers World Party. It is also not widely publicized that Harry Hay, the acknowledged founder of the modern homosexual rights movement, was a member of the Communist Party who promoted the North American Man-Boy Love Association.

The upcoming NLGJA convention is not holding a discussion on homosexuals being oppressed under capitalism. But one NLGJA panel, “When Sex Is Your Beat,” will help journalists cover issues such as the significance of “lesbian erotica” and “gay porn.” CNN’s Judy Woodruff is a featured convention speaker.

Ignoring the seedy and bizarre aspects of this “movement,” the Post in a June 27 editorial called the Supreme Court decision in favor of homosexual rights “remarkable and majestic.” It followed with a July 5 editorial recommending formal legal recognition of homosexuals who marry and urged Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist to abandon support for a proposed constitutional amendment that would define marriage as consisting of a man and a woman. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave has introduced such a measure in the House, but President Bush has not endorsed it.

Post Editorial Page Editor Fred Hiatt feels so strongly about the matter that he authored a July 14 column playing the race card by comparing opposition to homosexuals getting married to old laws that banned inter-racial marriage. Hiatt attacked Senator John Kerry, a liberal from Massachusetts running for the presidency, for opposing homosexual marriages. The Post is to the left not only of Kerry but most Democratic presidential candidates and is leaving the mainstream to stake out the political fringe.

The pro-homosexual slant in the paper’s coverage can be seen in its July 29 story on the reason for the rise of AIDS cases in 2002 being “unclear.” The Post suggested that “state budget problems” could be one factor. But the reason was abundantly clear?homosexual sex. New AIDS cases among men having sex with men rose 7.1 percent, versus a 2.2 percent rise overall. There’s nothing “gay” about this.

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