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Fox News coverage of President Donald Trump’s successful visit to the United Kingdom quoted Accuracy in Media for offering clarifying context left out by the mainstream media.

“While the liberal media back home worked overtime to pull President Trump into a ‘nasty’ war of words with the royals over Meghan Markle, the British press has given the U.S. commander-in-chief surprising rave reviews during his historic trip across the pond,” wrote Fox News media reporter Brian Flood.

“It all started last week when Trump was informed of past comments made by the “Suits” actress-turned-princess during an interview with The Sun. Before Markle traded Hollywood for royalty, she supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 and called Trump ‘misogynistic’ and ‘divisive,’ even threatening to move to Canada if he got elected”.

However, Fox News reported that “Trump, who is typically quick to slam his critics, even predicted that Markle would make a ‘very good’ princess.”

The mainstream media still attacked the president in his trip abroad.

“A CNN chyron simply stated, ‘Trump calls Meghan Markle ‘nasty’ ahead of UK trip,” while CNN’s website published an article headlined, ‘Trump shatters diplomatic etiquette on eve of UK visit.’ MSNBC’s headline stated, ‘Ahead of state visit, Trump calls Markle “nasty.”’ Several other American news organizations followed suit, and Trump critics took to Twitter to put an emphasis on the ‘nasty’ comment.”

Their coverage was missing key context.

“‘When you look at the entire conversation, it is clear he was referring to her previously nasty comments about the president, not the Duchess personally,’ Accuracy in Media national editor Carrie Sheffield told Fox News. ‘Context matters and it is shameful for outlets to take the President’s remarks out of context to generate clicks …While the media likes to focus on the negatives, I think the President’s visit to Britain has been extremely successful,” Sheffield said. “President Trump kept his eye on the prize: international relations between two sovereign nations with a special and unbreakable bond.’”

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