Accuracy in Media

Fox News media reporter Brian Flood quoted Accuracy in Media twice this week in stories AIM has tracked to bring greater balance to the mainstream media ecosystem.

In Fox News coverage of the recent Rachel Maddow controversy — the MSNBC anchor has come under fire for her continuing to push Russian collusion theories, even after the Mueller report’s release exonerating the president.

“Accuracy in Media national editor Carrie Sheffield feels that Maddow has long ‘ignored basic journalistic, fact-checking practices and the presumption of innocence in our legal system by relentlessly pushing unproven conspiracy theories about supposed Russian collusion’ and her ‘lapse in journalistic balance’ is part of why Americans have declining trust in the national media and why some reporters appear to be distancing themselves from her show,’” Flood reported.

“‘This was a long time coming, and we hope MSNBC will allow for greater balance moving forward. We hope that Maddow’s programming will include substantive fact-checking, balanced debate and dialogue, rather than an echo-chamber monologue that further divides Left and Right,’ Sheffield told Fox News. ‘Americans deserve better.’”

In Fox News coverage of the new book by Richard Wolff (which AIM covered last week), Flood also quoted the analysis on why Wolff’s book hasn’t had generated the same level of media firestorm as his prior book.

“Wolff has also admitted that he didn’t bother to seek a comment from subjects of the book, chalking the longstanding journalism practice up to ‘silly questions,’” Flood wrote. “Accuracy in Media national editor Carrie Sheffield told Fox News that ‘you know you’ve gone too far; when liberal publications question your sources and methods as a journalist for a negative book about Trump.

‘Wolff himself admitted to The New York Times that his new book is simply his opinion rather than undeniable truth. Perhaps stung by the Mueller report and its clearing of the president of collusion, it could be that Wolff’s book isn’t catching on as much this time because the mainstream media is finally waking up to their anti-Trump stupor,’ Sheffield said. ‘We hope the mainstream media will cultivate stronger standards of accuracy, fairness and balance going forward.’”

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