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The Fox News Channel and MSNBC may be ideological competitors, but they see things the same way on homosexual “gay pride” in the media business.

The National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) is sponsoring a March 24, 2011, “Headlines & Headliners” fundraiser to be hosted by MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts, with “special guests” that include Jamie Colby, Rick Folbaum, and Kimberly Guilfoyle of Fox News. Tickets are $100-$150.

Other “special guests” include Chris Jansing of MSNBC, Natalie Morales of NBC News, Erin Moriarty of CBS News, Trish Regan of CNBC, and Jane Velez-Mitchell of Headline News.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth says “the NLGJA is an activist organization with a strong institutional bias against those espousing traditionalist views on homosexuality.”

He told AIM, “It is appropriate that Guilfoyle would be at this event based on her appearance on the Fox News “Red Eye” show in which she not only dismissed the social conservative boycott of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) but she laughed at Greg Gutfeld’s nasty anti-Christian bigotry. Gutfeld called pro-family groups haters. She didn’t come to the defense of pro-family groups to defend their moral belief that homosexuality is wrong. It demonstrates her own bias against pro-family organizations. Many social conservatives are afraid that Fox News is going from neutral to becoming increasingly pro-gay. Fox News hosts were pretty much AWOL on the homosexuals in the military debate.”

The influence of the powerful homosexual group was reflected in a January 29, 2011, New York Times front page story, “A Chicken Chain’s Corporate Ethos Is Questioned by Gay Rights Advocates,” which attacked the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain because one of its Pennsylvania outlets had sponsored a February marriage seminar by a group opposed to homosexuality. The Times writer, Kim Severson, is an open lesbian and former executive board member of NLGJA.

The story was even featured on the Fox Nation website of Fox News.

Fox News contributor and columnist Michelle Malkin attacked the Times, citing Severson’s bias and noting, “Severson has voiced complaints about her social and economic status as an unwed lesbian with a partner and child in several media publications. None of this was disclosed in Severson’s advocacy journalism hit job on Chick-fil-A. But therein lies the unofficial motto of The Gray Lady: All the ideological conflicts of interest unfit to print.”

Ostensibly designed “to help journalists better understand issues that affect LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] individuals and their community,” the NLGJA attempts to instruct journalists on how to cover homosexuality and has even issued a “stylebook supplement on lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender terminology.”

For example, the term “wife” is defined as an “Acceptable term for a female, legally married partner of a woman.”

The term “special rights” is not supposed to be used to refer to demands by homosexuals for government laws affirming their rights. This is a “politically charged term used by opponents of civil rights for gay people,” the stylebook says.

Groups that have a successful track record of encouraging homosexuals to leave the lifestyle are called unscientific and discredited.

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