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Hillary Clinton continues to blame various parties, including people who don’t like capitalism, for her failed presidential campaign.

Fox News anchor Ainsley Earhardt offers a different perspective. In her new book “The Light Within Me,” Earhardt gives some insight into one possible factor for Clinton’s presidential loss: the candidate’s unwillingness to speak with the Fox News audience, which includes many independents.

Earhardt writes:

“Of all the history makers in the 2016 election that I interviewed, there was one notable omission: Hillary Clinton,” Earhardt writes. “It wasn’t for lack of trying on my part. I reach out to the Clinton campaign on a regular basis. Over time I got to know some of the people on her staff. A few came on Fox & Friends for interviews, but Mrs. Clinton never did. I think she accepted one interview on Fox News during the entire campaign, and that’s going all the way back to the Democratic primary season. I assumed she didn’t think she needed to speak to our audience. From the day she announced her candidacy everyone knew she was going to be the Democratic nominee. The primaries felt like little more than a formality. Even with that, she ran into some rough patches and lost some of the primaries to Bernie Sanders.

“Of course, in the end, Mrs. Clinton did win the nomination and everyone in the mainstream media assumed she’d easily win the presidency. I often wonder what might have happened if she had come on Fox & Friends and opened herself up to our questions. Surveys show that a large number of political independents watch Fox News. To me, Fox & Friends was the perfect show for her to visit. We had a lot of viewers who were undecided, and the 2016 election was decided by independents. I can’t help but think she missed out on a huge opportunity. If I were in her shoes and I had the opportunity to make my case I would want to make it to the widest possible audience–whether they agreed or disagreed with me. Perhaps they would see a side of me they’d never seen before and I would get more votes. It seemed like a no-brainer to me. But not to Mrs. Clinton. She never came on our show as a presidential candidate. I believe that told our audience she wasn’t interested in their votes. I will always believe that was a mistake on her part.”


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