Accuracy in Media

Either the Democrat media state is all-powerful, or one Democrat running for office just made a mistake.

Nikki Fried, Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner, today mocked Republican Governor Ron DeSantis by tweeting out “Ron DeSantis has Fox News, but we have everyone else,” and promising “Florida will be blue in 2022.”

Fried is a gubernatorial candidate, challenging DeSantis is 2022.


It’s an amazing admission by a Democrat saying that the media—outside of Fox News- is in the bag for liberals in the 2022 election, just like there were in 2020, 2018, 2016… and so on.

What’s really astonishing is that Fried is running for Governor of Florida as the outsider, as a candidate who is looking to break up the “corrupt, rigged system”.

“Nikki Fried is running for governor to break Florida’s corrupt, rigged system and build a state that gives power back to us,” says her website.

Now we know that Republicans aren’t part of her definition of who “us” is.

Polls show that trust in the media is now at all-time low, in part, because they can no longer be considered fair arbiters between the parties in America.

It sounds like she admits the media is powerful enough to turn Florida blue, even if the voters don’t want it blue.

That sounds about as corrupt and rigged as it comes.

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