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Vox founder Ezra Klein failed to acknowledge important facts in his attempt to diminish President Trump’s and congressional Republicans’ economic record.

Klein said that Trump has presided over low unemployment, strong job creation and robust GDP growth. But he ties the current economic state to President Obama’s policies.

“It’s hard to look at this data and argue that the Trump economy represents a sharp break with the Obama economy,” he said.

Klein wrote nothing about the regulatory reform that the Trump administration has led. But businesses have said the reform is, in part, driving their growth.

Klein also doesn’t mention that the Obama White House drove the slowest American economic recovery since WWII.

He also failed to mention that businesses credit the Trump White House and Republican-led tax reform bill with their growth.

Klein even said Trump has defied the negative, armageddon-esque scenarios pronounced by liberal prognosticators.

“Trump hasn’t unleashed an economic miracle, but he hasn’t caused a crisis either,” Klein writes. “Plenty of liberals believed a Trump victory would be devastating for the economy, tanking stock markets amid fears of trade wars, nuclear wars, and political chaos.

“That Trump has managed to keep growth going might be a less impressive record than he claims, but it’s a more impressive record than many of his critics expected. So is this a strong economy? Yes, with some big caveats. Does Trump deserve much of the credit? That’s a harder case to make.

“But it’s clear that he hasn’t derailed what growth we’ve had, which is an accomplishment of a sort.”

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