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How many times have we heard or read stories about Vice President Cheney’s old firm, Halliburton? A public company with more than 100,000 employees, Halliburton had revenues of $13 billion in 2001. George Soros is a human Halliburton who will be in a position if John Kerry is elected president to pull the strings. He is reportedly worth $7.2 billion. But his role in buying the White House for John Kerry has received gentle coverage. Soros, we’re told, is a “philanthropist” committed to “democracy.” The Republican Party, by contrast, is run by fat cats and Big Business, such as those at Halliburton.

The shocking truth is something else. Convicted in France of insider trading, Soros specializes in weakening or collapsing the currencies of entire nations for his own selfish interests. Other people suffer so he can get rich. But journalists don’t want to examine the questionable means by which he achieved his wealth because they share his goal of electing Kerry and the Democrats. 

The charge we read in the press is that Halliburton gets government contracts and makes money from the Iraq war. Far less attention is paid to the fact that the company has lost 54 employees as a result of that war. Nobody in the press mentions that Soros profits from the Kosovo war, which he supported as a preemptive strike against Yugoslavia, because he now runs an investment fund that does business there.

Despite his vision of an “open society,” he operates an unregulated “hedge fund,” open only to the super-rich, and is currently fighting a proposal from the Bush-appointed chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission to regulate and monitor these off-shore entities. House Speaker Dennis Hastert was right?no one really knows where his money comes from. But we do know that Soros invested in a drug-money-infested Colombian bank. 

All of this will be presented in our new report, The Hidden Soros Agenda: Drugs, Money, the Media, and Politics, which will be released at a Capitol Hill news conference on Thursday, October 28. Current and former officials, anti-drug activists, and other concerned Americans will come together for the purpose of exposing and opposing George Soros. His complex web of financial interests, companies and foundations makes Halliburton look like a Mom & Pop operation. On the same day, coincidentally, Soros will be giving a speech at the National Press Club.

Soros has benefited from an enormous amount of favorable publicity. Even though he pays big bucks to advertise his opposition to the Bush policy of democracy-building in Iraq, reporters still describe him as someone with a reputation for building democracy abroad. In a recent article about his growing financial and political clout, the Washington Post sanitized him by claiming that Soros “funded efforts to reform campaign laws, decriminalize marijuana and change [the] criminal justice system.” All of that is misleading, if not false. His “reform” of campaign laws left a loophole that will enable him to set a record “for the most money donated by an individual in an election cycle,” to quote the Post itself. So where are the investigative stories into Soros, his money and his agenda? 

A key part of the Soros agenda?his “retreat and defeat” strategy in the war on drugs?has been carefully concealed from the American people during this campaign. The war on terrorism is front and center, to be sure, but the war on drugs is still of major concern to millions of Americans, especially parents fearful of the influence of Hollywood and the drug culture. Away from the scrutiny or even the notice of the establishment press, Soros has emerged as a counter-culture hero, having been labeled by the drug culture magazine “Heads” as the “Daddy Weedbucks” who will manipulate the policy of a Kerry administration to open the door to legalization of dangerous drugs. Bush has to be defeated, according to another drug-culture magazine, “High Times,” because legalization of marijuana won’t occur under his administration.

We are never given the details about how the Soros desire to “change” the criminal-justice system entails letting criminals out of prison and letting people use and distribute drugs without fear of law enforcement. 

Soros has escaped scrutiny by making financial contributions to press groups, media watchdog organizations, and even groups supposedly dedicated to exposing election abuses. A large part of the liberal-left movement in this country is on the Soros payroll. The story is there to be told, much of it through an analysis of public records about the spending by Soros and his organizations and foundations. 

The press won’t tell the people. But the public has a right to know.

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