Accuracy in Media

Esquire lets us in on that little secret about Critical Race Theory, Social Emotional Learning, the 1619 Project and the rewrites of every textbook. They really do, no, really, want to change the entire society by shifting what is taught to children. Because, of course, what children grow up believing becomes the base of the society in 20 years’ time.

Or perhaps the propaganda that children are faced with in school becomes the bedrock of future society.

This might seem a little over the top, but it’s right here in the interview. Donald Yacovone has written a book about white supremacy – “Teaching White Supremacy” – and in the course of discussing it he says:

“A history textbook embodies everything that Americans are supposed to value. They embody all the greatness that Americans have achieved, and the whole point of American history or social studies textbooks is to pass on that inheritance from one generation to the next. “

So, take control of the textbooks and what is passed on will change.

“Therefore, it is perfectly sensible to me that they would be a prime battleground in our current cultural war. And since whatever they say wins the war, they become the battlefield. “

This is exactly why these battles over CRT, the 1619 Project and so on are so important. The aim of them all – as expressly laid out here – is to hijack society by teaching the children something different so as to entirely change the next generation.

Esquire ranks about No. 140 in the list of news and media publishers for the U.S. It gains some 29 million visits a month from that position. There’s nearly 700,000 circulation of the physical magazine. It’s also part of Hearst Communications, meaning that it’s a part of a much larger media operation.

It’s rare to see the plan laid out in such an obvious manner in a mainline publication so perhaps we should thank Esquire for having done so. Children believe what they’re taught so if we change what their taught for political reasons then our political goal will be reached given enough time.

The thing is, it’s obvious that Esquire approves of all of this. As, you know, a rather large number of us don’t.

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