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Deutsch Joins MSNBC With Democrats In ‘War’ on President Trump

Donny Deutsch unwittingly illustrated the problem – for both the party and the network – with having someone who is an adviser to the Democratic National Committee be a regular contributor to MSNBC’s news programs.

Deutsch committed the network to fight against President Donald Trump and for whoever comes out of the Democratic primary process with his remarks last Friday on Morning Joe. [1]

The segment opened [1] with host Joe Scarborough, the former Republican congressman from Florida, saying it was “un-American” that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) refused to “even bring up for a vote” Democrat-sponsored election security legislation that did not include a requirement that Americans present a photo ID to be allowed to vote.

Deutsch opened by saying he had been coming on Morning Joe for 10 years and that he has listened to Scarborough a long time and even brawled with him on the air over that decade.

“What you said yesterday was to me the most important thing that’s ever been said on this show, or any show on this air, that We. Are. At. War,” he said [1]. “It’s time for the Democrats to wake up. We are playing against cheaters and liars and stealers. And with all due respect to Michelle Obama, when they go low, we got to do whatever. We. Have. To. Do.”

He then laid out a road map for how the network and the party can work together to defeat Trump.

“We actually have a government, led by Moscow Mitch and Criminal Trump – Oh, by the way, we’re going to call him Unindicted Criminal Trump now because, in two instances, he has been an unindicted criminal. So, I know in regular … when you’re playing fair, you’re supposed to call him President Trump, just like Moscow Mitch, we’re going to call him ‘Criminal Trump.’”

He then had what he called “another message for the Democrats … It’s time to move forward.” [1]

He advised them [1] to use “two takeaways from the Mueller report – No.1, that the president broke the law; when he’s out of office, he can go to jail. And No.2, we are vulnerable with our election systems. That’s our two things. We may not have won the battle on impeachment, but we are going to win the war of putting him in jail, whatever we have to do.

He then committed the network and the party to being willing to cross any number of legal and ethical lines in their efforts to get the president.

“And we’re not going to necessarily play fair,” he said [1]. “And for all the intellectuals out there, whose hair is going to be on fire – ‘We’re becoming like them. We’re becoming like them.’ – we cannot lose the next election. We will go back 50 years.

“The one tool that we have to use that the Democrats never use is fear [1]. Start to stop talking about Donald Trump today and yesterday, and start to paint a picture of what the next four years would look like … maybe even the next eight, 12 years because he doesn’t think he’s going anywhere – of the possible path to a dystopian society.

“There is no more playing. We cannot bring a knife fight to a bazooka gun fight.”