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Mainstream media polls last night after President Trump’s State of the Union address showed strong support for the president, including 76 percent of CNN viewers approving of his speech and CBS News polling showing 76 percent of viewers approved of what they heard in the address.

Seventy-two percent saying they approved of Trump’s ideas for immigration. Despite the strong support, The New York Times chose to position Trump’s immigration policies as divisive, aggressive and angry.

“President Trump delivered a message of bipartisan unity on Tuesday night in his first address to Congress in the new era of divided government, but signaled that he would continue to wage war for the hard-line immigration policies that have polarized the capital and the nation,” wrote The Times’ Peter Baker.

Baker made no mention that Trump had previously offered to find a compromise for so-called DREAMers, or children brought to America illegally as children, an offer that was rejected by Democrats.

“Mr. Trump indicated no retreat from his almost singular pursuit of a border wall, directly taking on Ms. Pelosi, who has called it ‘immoral,’” Barker wrote. “He devoted 15 minutes of the hour-and-22-minute speech to immigration with no concession to Democratic priorities like a path to citizenship for immigrants brought into the country illegally as children.”

Rather than mentioning polling about the speech itself, Baker also chose to focus on Gallup polling without mention of polling that is more specific to the State of the Union address.

“Mr. Trump arrived at this point in his presidency with the approval of just 37 percent of the public, according to Gallup,” Baker wrote. “In the past four decades, the only times a president headed into a State of the Union address with as little or less support were in 1983 when Ronald Reagan was struggling with a painful recession and in 2007 and 2008 when George W. Bush was trying to turn around the Iraq war.”

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