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Daily Beast writer and MSNBC contributor Betsy Woodruff said that Vice President Pence has been “an empty suit” and patsy who should instead be trying to undermine President Trump in the White House.
There doesn’t appear to be any evidence Woodruff had ever said the same thing of Vice President Joe Biden and whether he should have undermined President Obama during his eight years in office. Indeed, the mainstream media often lauded the Obama-Biden “bromance.”

“I haven’t seen clear reporting what those concrete steps might be,” Woodruff said Saturday on MSNBC during a conversation about the outcome of the current Venezuelan leadership crisis.

“But whatever Pence says is going to have significant credibility with Venezuela. That’s because even though he’s widely seen as something of an empty suit within the Trump administration, you know, refusing to push back against Trump or ever question him, the reality is that he is one of the key drivers of America’s North Korea policy — I’m sorry, Venezuela policy. He’s been deeply involved in building policy towards that region. He’s made upwards of five trips to the region since becoming vice president, which is a significant number. He’s developed relations with the Venezuelan ex-pat community in Florida, and any promise that he makes is likely to be something that the administration will follow through on.”

Woodruff attended Hillsdale College, a private university known for producing conservative thinkers and journalists who have worked at National Review, Fox News and other conservative institutions. Woodruff had previously worked at Slate and National Review.

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