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The mainstream media criticized conservatives and libertarians for using “dark money” organizations and groups to fund causes across the United States, often focusing on the Koch network and other similar organizations for allegedly hiding donors from the public view.

“Dark money,” according to Investopedia, is when nonprofit organizations allegedly spend unlimited funds to influence elections and are not required to disclose their donors. Examples of dark money groups range from anti-tax increase referendums or ballot initiatives on education spending.

Politico said that the Democratic Party utilized dark money groups to fund its causes, which Politico called “an unprecedented gusher of secret money.” The outlet pointed to the nonprofit group known as the Sixteen Thirty Fund, which is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and the group sent $141 million on over 100 liberal causes in 2018.

The article pointed out that Sixteen Thirty Fund’s fundraising amount “surpassed any amount ever raised by a left-leaning political nonprofit” and that the fundraising figure was comparable to figures that right-leaning dark money groups raised at their respective zeniths. Politico noted the hypocrisy from the Democrats on dark money when it said, “The Sixteen Thirty Fund’s rise last year is a sign that Democrats and allies have embraced the methods of groups they decried as “dark money” earlier this decade, when they were under attack from the money machines built by conservatives including the Kochs.”

For years, the media decried conservatives and libertarians turning to the use of dark money groups to influence elections on a federal, state, or local level. Now, the political Left has adopted the dark money approach, which should force the mainstream media to change its tune and narrative to accurately report the news.

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