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Perhaps in response to reporting from his CNN colleague Chris Cuomo acknowledging the immigration crisis at our Southern border, CNN’s Jake Tapper also reported in a series of tweets on how the U.S. Border Patrol is struggling to handle this crisis.

“U.S. Border Patrol Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Patrol Agent Ed Karsich says in his 30 years as an agent he has ‘never witnessed the conditions we are currently facing on the southwest border,” @EllieCKaufman reports from Senate hearing,” Tapper tweeted.

“2/ Karsich said this is not a ‘manufactured crisis created by those of us who live and work in the border area” because “border patrol continue to apprehend record numbers of people,’” Tapper continued.

Tapper cited the numbers from Karsich showing a sharp uptick in illegal immigrant apprehensions due to loopholes.

“Karsich said that, last year, the Rio Grande Valley part of Border Patrol alone made 162,000 apprehensions. This year, they have already made 147,000 and are on track to make 260,000 by the end of the year, he said,” Tapper tweeted.

“CBP Operations Director Randy Howe describes wait times at border ports of entry have gone up significantly because CBP agents have been reassigned to help deal with the influx of migrants at the southern border, @EllieCKaufman reports from Senate hearing,” Tapper also tweeted.

Tapper tweeted in a continued series about the negative economic impact this has on American consumers and travelers… As a result, cargo trucks and shipping trucks are waiting for longer periods of time and having a harder time getting through, which negatively impacts ‘the entire nation,’ Howe said.

Ending the series on the delays caused by the reassignment, Tapper also tweeted about how the emergency at our border — which has been denied by Democrats, who say there is no such emergency — “…to assist the border patrol of the care and custody of the surging numbers of migrants. I cannot overstate the importance of these operations. The border security humanitarian crisis at the southwest border has ripple effects that impact the entire nation.”

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