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CNN’s Stelter Attacks Trump, Fox News — But Fails to Identify Shooter as Anti-Trump Activist

CNN’s Brian Stelter attacked both President Trump and Fox News, blaming them for creating the climate that resulted in the tragic shooting deaths of 11 Jews attending a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday. 

However, Stelter failed to mention that the alleged shooter was a critic of Trump’s robust support for Israel and the Jewish people. Stelter also didn’t mention that Trump’s daughter, son-in-law and Kushner grandchildren are Jewish and that the president has repeatedly and resoundingly denounced the anti-Semitic shooting.

While speaking with his CNN colleagues Alisyn Camerota and John Berman about Trump’s approach to political debates, Stelter also asserted that he hoped Fox News hosts take some of the blame for the nation’s current political climate.

This attack on Fox News began after Stelter narrated a CNN video segment where he connected Trump’s immigration rhetoric to immigration comments by guests and hosts on Fox News. In the segment, Stelter admitted that he was speculating about whether the alleged Pittsburgh shooter even specifically watched Fox News.

“Was the gunman watching?” Stelter said during the CNN segment. “We may never know. But the right-wing climate was full of outrage.”

After the segment, Stelter moved into a discussion about how the Trump administration asserts that Trump’s words are not a contributing factor to toxic political discourse and recent, horrific acts of violence nationwide.

“I sure hope some of those Fox hosts, some of those commentators take a moment, take a minute to think about their role in this environment,” Stelter said. “Hopefully there is some soul searching right now in the wake of [the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting].”

Stelter didn’t pause to consider whether the anti-conservative bias so prevalent in the mainstream media could have played any role in the contentious political climate our country finds itself in today.