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CNN’s Chris Cillizza recently said, “It’s simply not fun to be a Republican politician in Trump’s Washington.” He goes on to cite that politicians “never know” what they are going to get on a day-to-day basis with the [current] president, despite the White House putting out his schedule just as any previous administration has done.

In addition, he said Trump is “self-referential and without any clear tie to a broader Republican agenda.”

The article did not mention any Republican agenda accomplishments, such as (but not limited to): the biggest package of tax cuts and reform in history, lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for Americans without a high school diploma, record number of regulations eliminated, Obamacare individual mandate penalty removed, Right-To-Try legislation signed, more than $6 billion in new funding for opioid epidemic, Space Force, and the creation of more than 400,000 manufacturing jobs since the 2016 election.

Cillizza’s title, “Trump is Driving Republicans out of Washington,” was oddly supported by the “retirement” of GOP lawmakers. He said, “Of the 17 House Republicans who have said they don’t plan on running for another term, 13 are simply retiring.”

Cillizza did not mention a basic fact: that each cycle a number of individuals make the decision to retire. In fact, in 2018 there were at least 23 GOP lawmakers who decided to retire. Moreover, Cillizza did not mention there are at least three Democratic lawmakers retiring as well.

Lastly, Cillizza went on to state, “The 13 Republicans who are leaving without any office to run for or are the leading edge of a trend within the party to simply walk away from the royal mess the President has made of the party and the nation’s capital.”

The loaded statement is questionable given that Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has consistently highlighted President Donald Trump’s accomplishments. On Tuesday she tweeted out a reminder regarding National Voter Registration Day and anyone interested in registering can go to

The party and the Trump campaign also launched their grassroots and on the ground boots in early 2019. Numerous reports have stated the reelection campaign and the party have been in sync unlike the Democratic National Committee and the plus 20-some candidates fighting for the nomination.

This summer, the party worked alongside the Trump reelection campaign to rollout the grassroots donor platform WinRed against Democrats’ Act Blue. The platform is the first of its kind to be utilized by the committee, candidates, and close associations.

Cillizza’s article did not provide any list for individuals leaving Congress. The list includes:

  • Rep. Rob Woodall of Georgia: He announced in February he will retire at the end of his term.
  • Rep. Susan Brooks of Indiana: She announced in June she will not run for reelection.
  • Rep. Paul Mitchell of Michigan: Announced in July that he will not seek reelection.
  • Rep. Pete Olson of Texas: Announced in July he will not seek reelection in 2020.
  • Rep. Martha Roby of Alabama: Announced in July she will not seek reelection for a sixth term.
  • Rep. Rob Bishop of Utah: Announced in July he will not seek reelection in 2020.
  • Rep. Mike Conaway of Texas: Announced in July he will not run for reelection even as the ranking member of the House Agriculture Committee.
  • Rep. Will Hurd of Texas: Announced in early August he will not seek reelection.
  • Rep. Kenny Marchant of Texas: Also announced in early August he will not run for reelection.
  • Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin: Announced in late August he will resign in late September of 2019 to spend more time with his family.
  • Rep. John Shimkus of Illinois: Announced in late August he will not seek reelection.
  • Rep. Bill Flores of Texas: Announced in early September he has no plans to seek reelection.
  • Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin: Just a couple weeks ago he announced he will retire January 2021.

Marissa Martinez is the founder of Strategic Rush, contributor for Accuracy in Media, The Hill, and Republican Strategist for PACs, associations, and congressional candidates in battleground states. Follow her stories, @MarissaAlisa

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