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CNN New Day anchor Alisyn Camerota showed her bias against President Trump’s immigration enforcement, lambasting what she called “the ill-conceived Trump policy of family separations,” even though family separations had also occurred under the Barack Obama and George W. Bush administrations.

“Are there still children who are separated from their parents who were separated during the ill-conceived Trump policy of family separations who are still not reunited with their parents?” Camerota asked in an interview with Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.).

“There are a few dozen children who are still separated,” Merkley replied, before he launched a tirade against the Trump administration. “And certainly, all of those children who were separated were traumatized, several hundred children. But we also have now a new strategy of traumatizing children, which is ‘Well, we’re going to lock them up, we’re going to lock them up with their families in internment camps.’ And I’m going to be visiting two of those internment camps today, one in Dilley and one in Karnes, Texas. And children belong. They belong in homes, schools and parks and playgrounds, not being locked up behind barbed wire.”

“This is where the devil is in the details,” Camerota said, without pushing back on the explosive and inaccurate use of the words “internment camp” by Merkley.

“If you believe that their parents are breaking the law by crossing the border illegally, our only option is to let them free into the interior of the country, and as you know, many people object to that and that doesn’t work either,” Camerota said, without acknowledging that many of the children are used as human shields or trafficked by adults who aren’t members of their family. “So they have to be locked up, either with their family or not with their family. What is the other option?”

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