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CNN gave key billing in its 7 p.m. hour on Erin Burnett Out Front to sarcastically report about the dating life of Donald Trump Jr., and his relationship with former Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle.

“Trump Jr., girlfriend kiss and campaign,” CNN reported. Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle kiss and campaign and create their own nickname. CNN’s Jeanne Moos reports on the Don and Kim show.”

Moos reported on how Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle are “muttering sweet nothings,” while on the campaign trail.

“These two are hot and heavy, hot and heavy into politics,” Moos said, reporting about how the couple likes to “drop flirty little nuggets” while tag-team campaigning.

Moos ends her piece by playing Guilfoyle’s voice twice with a pet nickname for Trump Jr. Moos fails to mention that Guilfoyle is a former Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney who worked on adult and juvenile cases, including narcotics, domestic violence, kidnapping, robbery, arson, sexual assault, and homicide cases. She received several awards at the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, including Prosecutor of the Month and was an Assistant District Attorney in San Francisco.

The piece was a short break from the anti-Trump drumbeat that CNN has been displayed recently in its lower-third graphics. Rush Limbaugh explains:

“Now going into the last two weeks before the midterm elections, the mainstream media is completely aligned, they are completely in sync, they are totally coordinated. It doesn’t matter where you go in the Drive-By Media today, you are going to see everything under a subject heading or an umbrella: ‘Trump Spreads Lies and Stokes Fears Ahead of Election.’ That graphic has been on CNN 95% of the time today … I’m talking they have a theme that they have all unified behind today and I think for the remainder of the time or these next two weeks, and it is ‘Trump Spreads Lies and Stokes Fears Ahead of Election.’ Now, I thought when I got in here and saw that one time, I figured it was just, you know, a chyron graphic to represent what they were doing at that time. But every time I looked up at the TV over the next three hours, I saw that banner.”

Photo by Sebastian Vital

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