Accuracy in Media

CNN’s coronavirus coverage, with the majority of states partially reopened this week, has shifted from coronavirus death toll coverage to blatant partisanship.

CNN addressed the alleged lack of President Donald Trump’s leadership with the headline, “Trump sows division and confusion as anxious country edges toward opening.” The article portrayed the United States as a country without a strong leader in its president and claimed that a post-coronavirus recovery “will be in spite of President Donald Trump, not because of him.” The cable news network asserted that Trump “is undermining his own government’s best practices” by taking the drug hydroxychloroquine and “conjuring up conspiracies, taking premature victory laps and igniting clashes that fracture the national unity needed to weather such as terrible crisis.”

CNN neglected to note that Trump’s poll numbers rose when his daily coronavirus briefings were aired by the mainstream media, which contradicted CNN’s initial claim that Americans did not have a leader. The American people thought differently than CNN did when they saw the president addressing the pandemic on television.

Ironically, CNN mentioned that one of Trump’s main arguments about his leadership was that he is a “warrior President” who stood up to “liberal elites [that] have leveraged the crisis to stifle freedoms.” The network did not point out how multiple Democratic Party governors imposed strict restrictions on its population, which spurred protests in New York, Michigan, and California. The protests validated Trump’s criticism of stifling freedom.

A glaring omission in the article was that CNN did not mention China’s involvement in failing to contain the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China. It was not Trump’s fault, nor America’s fault, that the outbreak reached America’s shores due to Chinese government misinformation and lack of transparency. If Trump allegedly “sows division and confusion,” CNN should pin some blame on China. The Chinese government promoted conspiracy theories that the United States military spread the virus in China, which is an example of sowing division and confusion and it hid information about the virus from the world for several months.

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