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CNN Takes Jab at Trump During Segment on Westminster Dog Show

CNN’s New Day took a jab at President Trump, comparing him to a dog in an insulting segment covering the Westminster Dog Show. The segment would have been highly unlikely if President Trump were a male Democrat and universally condemned by the mainstream media if it were targeted toward a progressive female president. The package would likely never have aired if it were comparing a hypothetically President Hillary Clinton to a dog, illustrating yet again the mainstream media bias against President Trump.

“[A]n Australian shepherd named Trump made a lot of headlines, and that has Jeanne Moos wondering, which Trump is more deserving of best in show,” teased CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota before tossing to the package by Jeanne Moos, CNN national correspondent. [1]

“Two different Trumps took center stage at almost the same time — President Trump you know, but Trump the show dog was competing in Westminster doing some things the president does, like shaking hands, and some he doesn’t, like having his mouth examined publicly,” Moos said. “Actually, Trump the Australian shepherd is named after the Trump card in the game of Bridge, not the president, who that very same night was musing about whether he should get a dog.”

Moos then tossed to a soundbite of President Trump joking about walking a dog on the White House lawn.

“Trump the show dog did not win the herding group competition,” Moos continued. “This is a president who barks out insults using the phrase ‘like a dog.’ … Trump himself has been depicted as a dog led around by Putin. Critics have called the president a canine.”

Moos then threw to a soundbite from one of those Trump “critics” who said: “When you lie in bed with dogs you get fleas.”

Moos ended the package with one final jab about the president trying to compete with a canine.

“Still, with President Trump, there can only be one top dog,” Moos said. “He’s not going to let some pooch yank his chain.”

Photo by Michael J. Belgie Sr. [2] [3]