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CNN sent reporter Jim Acosta more than 8,000 miles from Washington, D.C. to Hanoi not to report on substantive foreign policy developments during a segment on Anderson Cooper’s show, but instead to discuss the Michael Cohen hearing in D.C., illustrating their coverage priorities of a convicted criminal who previously lied to Congress over the possibility of historical denuclearization and peace on the Korean peninsula.

Kelsey Harkness from the Daily Signal pointed out this prioritization in a tweet.

“The president is in Vietnam meeting with North Korea’s dictator,” Cooper said after a conversation about the highly partisan Cohen hearing. “CNN’s Jim Acosta is there in Hanoi, joins us now. So has the president responded to all this at all?”

“Anderson, surprisingly, no,” Acosta said, inserting his shock that the president would prioritize the safety of the American people and the world over the statements of a disgraced former employee who has proven himself an unreliable witness. “If they have a war room for dealing with Michael Cohen’s testimony, we haven’t seen any signs of it. It’s been more like a bunker. And the president hasn’t really responded to Michael Cohen’s testimony. We haven’t gotten any kind of response from the White House.”

Acosta didn’t acknowledge the highly partisan nature of the Cohen testimony, which committee Republicans described as a distraction and a waste of federal resources, instead describing them as “damaging” rather than giving a more neutral description. Media figures like NBC’s Chuck Todd have claimed that Cohen’s testimony sets the stage for presidential impeachment, even as CNN and other polling shows declining support for impeachment.

“The president’s legal team, his outside legal team has weighed in on parts of this, but not really in whole in terms of what Michael Cohen had to say in that damaging testimony, that explosive testimony, that he delivered up on Capitol Hill,” Acosta further opined. “Anderson, it is interesting because just before Michael Cohen testified, the president put out a Tweet saying that these things that Michael Cohen is in trouble for are bad things unrelated to Trump. Well then Michael Cohen testified in front of Congress that this has to do with bad things very much related to Donald Trump.”

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