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CNN President Makes Lewd Joke About New Day Anchor

Even in the age of #MeToo, CNN president Jeff Zucker reportedly made a sexually-charged joke about the female co-anchor of CNN’s flagship morning program, New Day.

A.J. Katz at TV Newser reported [1] about the comment, which was allegedly made toward Alisyn Camerota as she emceed the Syracuse Newhouse School’s 13th Annual Mirror Awards.

Zucker then made a rather provocative joke about his colleague, Camerota, who co-hosts the network’s morning show:

“I also want to say one thing about Alisyn Camerota: I was going to say that I love waking up with you every morning, but I’ll say I love waking up TO you every morning,” a line which elicited a few audible groans from the audience.

Camerota admitted in April 2017 [2] that she had been sexually harassed by her old boss at Fox News, the late Roger Ailes. She even wrote a book based on it.

Zucker then added: “Alisyn personifies what I want CNN to be: Serious, smart, entertaining and always the right tone. Thank you for following my order to be here today.”