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Even in the age of #MeToo, CNN president Jeff Zucker reportedly made a sexually-charged joke about the female co-anchor of CNN’s flagship morning program, New Day.

A.J. Katz at TV Newser reported about the comment, which was allegedly made toward Alisyn Camerota as she emceed the Syracuse Newhouse School’s 13th Annual Mirror Awards.

Zucker then made a rather provocative joke about his colleague, Camerota, who co-hosts the network’s morning show:

“I also want to say one thing about Alisyn Camerota: I was going to say that I love waking up with you every morning, but I’ll say I love waking up TO you every morning,” a line which elicited a few audible groans from the audience.

Camerota admitted in April 2017 that she had been sexually harassed by her old boss at Fox News, the late Roger Ailes. She even wrote a book based on it.

Zucker then added: “Alisyn personifies what I want CNN to be: Serious, smart, entertaining and always the right tone. Thank you for following my order to be here today.”

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