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CNN Polling Shows Americans Think Trump is Handling the Economy Well

While the mainstream media has often portrayed President Donald Trump as an incompetent, voluble and unstable, CNN reported on its polling showing Americans strongly believe that Trump is handling the economy well.

The polling, conducted by SSRS, [1]found that 56 percent of Americans think Trump is doing a good job handling the economy, compared to just 41 percent who disapprove.

“Take a look at the number there,” CNN’s David Chalian said Thursday on New Day.

“Fifty-six percent of Americans in this poll approve of how the president is handling the economy. If you stack that 56 percent up in all of our past polling, it’s the high water mark. In all of CNN’s polling during the Trump presidency, we’ve never seen an approval rating on the economy that high. That is what Donald Trump is counting on for his re-election campaign.”

Only 3 percent of respondents had no opinion, the lowest level CNN recorded in the Trump presidency on this issue as well–Americans today have made up their minds that they trust the Trump White House on the economy.