Accuracy in Media

Recent CNN polling shows how unpopular the Democratic agenda is, with nearly 60 percent of Americans opposing providing free health insurance to undocumented immigrants and only 21 percent supporting Democrats’ proposal to eliminate private health insurance, including Medicare Advantage plans.

“Among all adults, just 21 percent say they favor national health insurance and that it should completely replace private health insurance,” Jennifer Agiesta, CNN polling director, reported. “Among potential Democratic voters, just 30 percent feel that way.”

CNN also pointed out that onstage during the recent MSNBC debates, “candidates were asked whether government-run health insurance would be available to undocumented immigrants under their plans, and all onstage that night said it would. Among all Americans, that’s a largely unpopular position (59 percent say that shouldn’t happen), but among potential Democratic voters, 6 in 10 favor it (61 percent vs. 36 percent who say it should not be available to undocumented immigrants).”

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