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CNN offered little resistance to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and her assertion that her party’s proposed coronavirus relief bill was “not partisan.”

The network headlined news about the Democrats’ $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill, “Democrats unveil $3 trillion COVID relief package and plan to vote this week.”

CNN called the multi-trillion bill “an amount that would stand as the largest relief package in history,” but it did not mention contentious parts of the bill. For example, Republicans claimed that the bill includes anti-voter identification provisions, assistance to the arts, and a bailout for the marijuana industry.

CNN cited Pelosi’s argument that the bill was “not partisan,” despite the fact was proposed along party lines. No Republican had input into the multi-trillion-dollar bill, but Pelosi defended the bill’s intentions. “It would be an endless amount of money if we put our wish list for the future in there. But that is not what the case is,” she said. “Sometimes I get a little heat from my own folks who say, ‘why can’t we do this in this bill?’” Pelosi told CNN host Jake Tapper.

But CNN did not offer any direct rebuttal to Pelosi’s defense of the bill. The network mentioned that the bill would likely not get Republican support to pass in the Republican-majority Senate, which inferred that the bill was too partisan to gain bipartisan support.

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