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In the wake of the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, the Democratic National Committee sent out fundraising emails asking for supporters to “split” contributions.

The DNC framed the fundraising message as an attempt to “prevent gun violence and save lives.”

The email asked supporters to “split” a contribution between $10 to $200 to the DNC and the email signer, former Rep. Gabby Giffords’ PAC.

CNN made no mention of the DNC politicizing the recent mass shootings, despite providing a “Live Updates” section, and updating stories at recent as 1:03 p.m. ET, on August 6. Instead, CNN provided readers with an analysis on Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and gun legislation, Police Believe the El Paso Shooter Targeted Latinos, Video Shows Shooter Just Before He Opens Fire, and El Paso Hero and the Border Agent who Saved His life Reunite.

DNC communications director Xochitl Hinojosa responded to the email:

“Our goal is to end gun violence one and for all. The way to do that is by helping organizations like the Giffords PAC and by electing Democrats up and down the ticket who will work day in and day out to pass the reform needed to project our families and our children. That’s the only way to ensure change.”

In Hinojosa’s response, there is no mention of contributions actually going to prevent gun initiatives or measures, as well as organizations that save lives.


The DNC wasn’t the only one profiting off the backs of American’s after being struck with domestic terroristic behavior, current U.S. Senator from California, and Democrat presidential hopeful, Kamala Harris was too.

In Harris’ fundraising email, she too asked her supporters to donate to her presidential campaign which in-turn would split contributions with” [Gabby] Giffords, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.”

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass) also asked supporters if they would “chip in today to help Democrats flip the Senate?” Each donation will be split among Democratic nominees in 23 races and Sens. Doug Jones (Ala.) and Tina Smith (Minn.).

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) asked his supporters in an email to sign his petition. According to his email, this petition would go directly to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell asking for the Senate to come back from August recess and vote on legislation that would make communities safer from gun violence.

Marissa Martinez is a political contributor at Accuracy in Media and The Hill. She is the former Political Director to Massachusetts Governor’s re-election campaign, alumna of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and current national PAC consultant. @MarissaAlisa

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