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CNN, MSNBC Make Claims Ambassador Changed His Testimony

During its impeachment hearing coverage, CNN and MSNBC claimed that Ambassador Kurt Volker changed his testimony around President Donald Trump and the Ukrainian investigation to reflect that a link did, in fact, exist between aid and investigations into Burisma. But the reality is that Volker amended his testimony only to show that there is a link between Burisma and Biden.

When asked later if Volker was making a connection between aid and investigations, Volker said that it was not in his testimony. Yet CNN and MSNBC used misleading chyrons to promote a false narrative of linkage between lethal aid and corruption investigations.

At no point did Volker link aid to any investigation in any testimony. In fact, Volker said at no point during his conversations with the Ukrainian government was any linkage brought up. When questioned on Capitol Hill, Volker again confirmed that investigations were not linked to aid or a potential White House meeting.

“Did the President of the United States ever say to you that he was not going to allow aid the United States to go to Ukraine unless there were investigations into Burisma, the Bidens or the 2016 election?” Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio.) asked Volker during a House Intelligence Committee hearing.

“No he did not,” Volker said.

“Did the Ukrainians ever tell you that they understood that they would not get a meeting with the President of the United States, a phone call with the President of the United States, military aid or foreign aid from the United States unless they undertook investigations of Burisma, the Bidens or the 2016 election?” Turner said.

“No they did not,” Volker said.