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A recent article by CNN’s Maegan Vazquez highlighted President Donald Trump defending his ICE raid strategy in which just weeks ago had a record-setting operation where 680 undocumented immigrants were detained from a Mississippi food-processing plant.

More than 200 of the individuals apprehended carried criminal records, according to DHS Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan.

According to the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, “legal immigrants are foreign-born people legally admitted to the U.S.” While, “Undcoumented immigrants, also called illegal aliens, are foreign-born people who do not possess a valid visa or other immigration documentation, because they entered the U.S. without inspection…” 

At the very top of CNN’s article, Vazquez failed to accurately report the majority of these detainees (380 of them) were found to be ‘illegal’ immigrants by ICE, referring to all 680 seized as regular “immigrants.” This information was mentioned towards the middle/end of the article.

This specific CNN article also left out one of the many reasons the Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement is targeting large-scale employers around the country with strategic raids. One of the main reasons, highlighted by many news outlets is to find malpractice within U.S.-based corporations that are hiring illegally.

According to the Associated Press, “ICE succeeded almost across the board in just one government fiscal year. According to statistics they agency released in December, it quadrupled the number of investigations it opened and audits of paperwork submitted by employees to get hired. And it made 2,304 arrests in worksite cases, seven times as many as the previous year.”

The president continues to stand by the strategic ICE raids that plan to carry out operations in Miami, Baltimore, Chicago, New Orleans, and other large-scale cities. Trump was clear in his statement when saying, the raids serve as a “very good deterrent” for undocumented immigrants, in which is proved in a CNN article from earlier this year.

The CNN article also did not mention acting ICE director Matthew Albence’s justification on the recent raid in Mississippi.

“We conduct our operations with professionalism, with compassion and with humanity, and we tried our best to minimize the impact on the innocent people of the situation,” Albence said. “However, we have to enforce the law. Every law [enforcement agency] enforces the law against individuals who have broken it.”

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