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CNN exposed its hypocrisy after published multiple articles and analyses on the president’s weekend rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The rally’s crowd size was smaller than expected, which contradicted the Trump campaign’s predictions, but CNN’s coverage of the rally numbers was in direct contrast to the network’s reports leading up to the rally.

CNN headlined one of its articles on the rally’s crowd size, “Tulsa official says 6,200 attended Trump rally as campaign tries to blame ‘radical’ protesters and media for lack of crowd.”

The article cited the Tulsa Fire Department’s estimate of the rally’s crowd size at 6,200 attendees, which was far short of filling out the 19,000-capacity Bank of Oklahoma Center venue where the rally was held. The Trump campaign claimed at least 12,000 people went through metal detectors and disputed the fire department’s estimate.

As much as CNN criticized the Trump campaign for holding a rally during a pandemic, it seized the opportunity to publish a lot of online content about the rally. It was hypocritical for the network to criticize Trump for holding a rally and then blast Trump for not attracting more attendees.

In addition to the aforementioned article, the cable news network published at least a dozen articles and analyses on the rally. Some of the coverage ranged between a CNN fact check of Trump’s speech at the rally to Tulsa coronavirus cases and a Biden political surrogate calling the rally “an embarrassment.”

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