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CNN Host Bashes Evangelicals, Praises Pope Francis — But He’s Forgetting Some Things

Thursday morning on CNN’s New Day, reporter Bill Weir bashed evangelical Christians in a fawning, unbalanced report about Pope Francis [1], praising the Pope for his open-borders approach to immigration, which includes the Pope’s statement that to be pro-life means to be pro-protections for illegal immigrants. [2]

“Being pro-life means you don’t split up families in the name of immigration policy,” said CNN anchor Chris Cuomo. “That’s going to be a tough sell in the United States.”

In response, Weir showed his true feelings about the Pope.

“The feeling about this is very different from Catholics to Evangelicals,” Weir said. “Catholics think the right to life ends once the baby squirts out, that you should take care of it all the way through, whearas, anti-death penalty and pro-immigration, those sorts of things …. Few imagined that this would be the most liberal pope in recent memory on the environment, on income inequality, and on one topic that is literally tearing Europe apart, tearing countries apart and tearing families apart here in the United States ….

“There is this small passionate, minority of conservatives who really do not like him. They think he might be a heretic based on him softening the rules on gay marriage, priests getting married, and there’s those who worry he’s a socialist from South America who wants to impose this open border, Venezuela model on the rest of the world.”

Weir’s report failed to mention that the Pope recently allowed the atheist regime of China, which has a terrible record on human rights, to name its own Catholic priests, rather than the Vatican.

CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota piled in with support for Pope Francis’ immigration stances, saying they embodied a “Biblical” approach to “Embrace the stranger, embrace the poor refugee.”

“By that logic, Jesus would not win elections in Italy or the United States today,” Weir said. “And that’s what I find so fascinating, has such adoration and such fidelity from the faithful, but when they go to the ballot box, that’s a different decision.”