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In a recent CNN analysis headlined, “The Senate is now in charge of impeachment, but we might be missing the larger story,” the cable news network said that impeachment “has proceeded without so much of the information it should have.” CNN’s point echoed the sentiments of multiple senators, such as Susan Collins (R-Maine), which senators have questioned why Democratic congressional lawmakers failed to obtain testimonies of witnesses and insisted on the Senate to obtain those testimonies.

“There’s been no testimony from key White House and other officials. There is a document trail that could tell us so much.

“Democrats went quickly in order to get this done before the election and because the allegations involved Trump’s effort to use Ukraine to impact the 2020 election.”

CNN questioned whether the Democratic lawmakers in the House of Representatives did a competent job in gathering as much information as possible before voting on the impeachment of President Donald Trump. It blamed the Democrats for focusing too much on the 2020 election and suggested that the party should have “ignored the election, exhausted things in the courts and gotten as much information as possible.”

It was far too late in the process for CNN to express a sense of buyer’s remorse, which second-guessed the Democratic Party’s strategy in pushing for an impeachment vote without gathering all pertinent and relevant information. CNN validated one of the main concerns expressed by Republican lawmakers, which was that the impeachment vote happened too soon and without all relevant information.

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