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On the homepage of CNN, the network featured comments critical of the Republican Party from one of its hosts, S.E. Cupp. Cupp is an outspoken “Never Trump” Republican employed by CNN as a political commentator and a show host.

Cupp publicly renounced her membership to the National Rifle Association after the recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Adding to that, this week, she criticized members of the Republican Party for their alleged inaction regarding Trump’s rhetoric.

The headline for the video clip, published by CNN, was “Cupp calls out Republicans: What a load of crap.” In the clip, Cupp claimed President Trump went from “dipping a toe in the pool of white nationalism to bathing in it” after he criticized female Democratic Party lawmakers for their past anti-American statements.

It is ironic that she made such claims, which adds to the divisiveness of the political climate, especially the serious charge that the president is “bathing” in white nationalism.

She said that the Republican Party is now “responsible for these racist, divisive, un-American ideas” because Trump is on the GOP ticket in 2020. She called Republican Party operatives and lawmakers’ preference to defer to Trump “a load of crap.” Cupp claimed that Republican lawmakers cannot compartmentalize Trump’s policy wins and his rhetoric and separate themselves from Trump’s rhetoric.

However, Cupp has a history of being in the ‘Never Trump’ camp, which was not outlined by CNN in its video clip. A search of her past clips and quotes demonstrate that she is clamoring for a “perfect” exit ramp for Trump to leave office, claiming Trump hijacked patriotism and other similar anti-Trump rhetoric.

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