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A CNN analysis on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo headlined, “How Mike Pompeo became the most powerful official in Trump’s Cabinet,” took a clear partisan stance and drummed up fear-mongering of the Trump administration.

Although the analysis correctly pointed out how Pompeo made the Sunday television show rounds, the analysis made it seem that Pompeo’s “unflinching and unquestioned loyalty to Trump” was a major problem.

CNN gave a history lesson of sorts, tracking Pompeo’s career from his days at West Point to the House of Representatives to the present day. One of the main points of CNN’s history lesson was that Pompeo was not an initial Trump supporter (he supported then-candidate Sen. Marco Rubio) and therefore, cannot be trusted.

CNN wanted to know why Pompeo initially expressed skepticism about Trump and later became a loyal Trump supporter. The cable news network forgot to mention that another possibility is that once Republican Party officials like Pompeo met with Trump, they recognized that Trump was not as dangerous as the media portrayed him to be.

Also, CNN failed to provide a comparison between Trump administration officials and their loyalty to Trump to the Obama administration’s loyal officials. Most administration officials serving under a U.S. president tend to be loyal, as many of Obama’s former officials have nothing but praise for him several years after his second term ended.

The same loyalty could be extended to Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, and his administration officials. It is not unusual for administration officials to become loyal to a president, and stand by him during and after his presidency.

Instead of fear-mongering and demonizing Pompeo, CNN should have recognized that administration officials tend to be loyal to their president. There are various reasons behind one’s loyalty, but past presidential administrations have similar examples of loyalty to Pompeo’s.

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