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CNN reporters Phil Mattingly and Ted Barrett failed to give balanced context in their coverage of the so-called “nuclear option” that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is considering for reducing the debate time around executive branch and lower-level judicial nominees.

Mattingly and Barrett didn’t specifically cite the numbers behind the Republicans’ frustration with Democratic obstruction behind voting on the nominees.

“Senate Rules Chairman Roy Blunt, the Missouri Republican who sponsored the measure, said at the time that Trump’s nominees have faced 128 filibusters by Democrats, many more than the nominees of the several presidents before Trump did combined,” write Mattingly and Barrett.

By using a vague “many more than the nominees of the several presidents before Trump did combined” without giving specific numbers and by citing the source as Blunt, a Republican, rather than simply reporting the facts, CNN gives the impression that Republicans are pulling up their own facts.

Kimberly Strassel from the Wall Street Journal reports with more details: “In the first two years of the Trump administration, Democrats demanded cloture on some 130 nominees; the average in the first two years of the prior three presidencies was eight.”

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