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Some lawmakers are off-limits for criticism at CNN, such as Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden, as news reports surfaced about a 1993 sexual assault allegation. Another is New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, also a Democrat, and how he managed the state’s coronavirus pandemic response.

CNN chose not to criticize Cuomo’s management but his state government mandate that all nursing homes admit coronavirus-positive patients into their facilities.

The most recent CNN report on Cuomo’s nursing home mandate was on April 18, which is ten days ago.

The week-old news report headlined the governor’s mandate, “The impact of coronavirus on nursing homes is incomplete right now, New York governor says.” Governor Cuomo ordered privately-owned nursing homes to admit patients who have tested positive for the coronavirus to alleviate hospitals’ overcrowded conditions. Many fatalities in New York, and in other states such as Washington, came from elderly nursing home residents. The elderly is at high risk of coronavirus infection and fatality, but CNN did not question why the governor would mandate nursing homes to admit sick patients.

The governor’s office knew that most nursing homes are overwhelmed and many nursing home staffers are sick but stood by its mandate.

The New York Post highlighted Cuomo’s policy and its potential to lead to more coronavirus deaths. Yet CNN stuck to its consistent line not to criticize the governor.

CNN has a vested interested in Cuomo. A few weeks ago, the cable news network promoted a brotherly love-fest between Cuomo and his younger brother Chris, who is a CNN host. Chris also called into one of the governor’s daily press conferences during the televised brotherly love-fest coverage. But when it came to criticizing the elder Cuomo brother, CNN chose not to air criticisms of how he managed the Empire State’s response to the pandemic.

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