Accuracy in Media

CNN, which regularly reports on polling results, chose to ignore a recent Morning Consult poll about Democratic Party voters and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. The poll discovered that 1 in 4 Democrats want a nominee other than Biden.

The Morning Consult headlined its poll findings, “After Watching Biden Deny Reade’s Claims, 1 in 4 Democrats Want a Different Nominee.”

The poll noted that 28% of Democrats preferred a different presidential nominee to face off against incumbent President Donald Trump. For Democrats under the age of 45, 40% want a different nominee. Although the majority of Democratic voters found Biden’s denial of sexual assault allegations credible, the lack of consensus on Biden’s presumed nomination should have been highlighted by the media.

CNN chose not to run a story on the poll even though the cable news network has promoted its past polls and polls by other organizations.

Also, the poll’s finding demonstrated that there is a significant portion of the Democratic Party voting base that has not coalesced or united behind Biden’s candidacy. With the Tara Reade sexual assault allegations garnering media attention, the Morning Consult poll adds more context of how the allegations could impact the 2020 presidential race.

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