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CNN has consistently avoided criticizing the Chinese government during the coronavirus pandemic, which was validated when it did not cover news that YouTube censored criticism of the Chinese government on its platform.

YouTube, a popular online video platform, admitted that it automatically deleted critical comments of the communist-run Chinese government. The company blamed the deletions on “an error” within its automated enforcement system. The issue had been ongoing for at least six months but was not resolved until this week.

Despite the newsworthy nature of YouTube’s automated censorship, CNN did not report on the news.

CNBC and Fox News covered the story and CNBC noted that YouTube’s parent company, Google, has “a history of censoring content for the CCP.”

In the past, CNN has not covered Chinese government censorship fairly.

One example of CNN’s past coverage was an April 2020 article on the Chinese government’s coronavirus data. The article avoided blaming the Chinese government for lack of transparency on the virus’s spread. CNN also promoted Chinese government propaganda about its naval capabilities and did not acknowledge that their source was a Chinese government report.

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