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Many figures within the mainstream media excoriated President Trump for his emergency declaration along our southern borders, but after repeated denials, CNN has discovered what the president has been saying all along: The United States is experiencing a border crisis brought on by Congress’ refusal to address loopholes in U.S. immigration law.

After accusing the president of manufacturing a crisis at our border, CNN appears to have discovered just how dire the situation is. Monday night, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo hosted his show from the border as the “crisis worsens.”

While various CNN voices have repeatedly denied the existence of this border crisis, Cuomo admitted it is so bad that calling it a crisis doesn’t “do the situation justice.”

“This migrant situation is called a “crisis,” but that word is overused,” Cuomo tweeted. “It doesn’t do the situation justice. It’s not easy to see what’s happening, but the only thing harder is to realize what isn’t happening: Shameful inaction.”

Cuomo said that limited resources and loopholes in U.S. immigration law are forcing border agents to free apprehended illegal aliens into American communities.

“The authorities say they have never faced the combinations of threats, challenges, and federal inaction that they’re facing right now,” Cuomo said.

Deputy Chief Patrol Agent Raul Ortiz told Cuomo, “You’ve got a humanitarian crisis which has created a border security crisis for us… and this is all being driven by a policy crisis.”

Given the state of emergency, the southern U.S. border should be flooded with media, Cuomo said. Instead, corporate media has ignored the crisis.

“We’re live in Hidalgo, Texas – this place should be flooded with media,” Cuomo tweeted. “We are the only show here. Please watch and see what we witnessed today.”

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