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CNN chose to bury its incorrect report about the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un instead of coming clean to the public about its mistake.

Two weeks ago, CNN claimed that Kim Jong Un was in “grave danger,” but the network has not apologized for publishing misleading information.

The cable news network headlined the latest Kim Jong Un-related news, “Kim Jong Un seen laughing, smiling, smoking and waving to crowds, North Korea state media reports.” CNN noted that North Korean state-run media published photos and broadcast a video of the leader’s first public appearance in almost a month. The video footage and photos showed the leader walking around, smiling, and laughing at an event.

Compare this week’s CNN report to two weeks ago, when CNN reported that Kim Jong Un’s health was in “grave danger.” At the time, CNN’s report contradicted South Korean government sources, which said that Kim Jong Un was not incapacitated and that they could not confirm what CNN had reported.

CNN buried any mention of their past reporting and speculation about Kim Jong Un’s health. Not only has CNN failed to apologize for publishing misleading information, but the network has not outlined how it will improve its news sourcing and reporting in the future.

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