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CNN Blames Trump for Kellyanne Conway Assault

CNN blamed Kellyanne Conway reportedly being assaulted by a woman in a restaurant on President Trump’s inability to hold the mainstream media accountable for its anti-conservative bias.

CNN reporters Dana Bash and David Shortell’s story about CNN’s interview [1] with Conway about the alleged assault (the defendant will reportedly face trial in March in a Maryland state court) brought up Trump’s approach to the press without considering the possibility that the mainstream media is failing to accurately portray conservatives and Republicans and this creates a distorted perception among Americans and drives societal wedges.

“Trump routinely demonizes opponents and the press, which his detractors say has led to incidents of harassment and violence,” write Bash and Shortell, also citing how “White House press secretary Sarah Sanders was kicked out of a restaurant in Virginia by its owner [2]. Days before that, protesters had booed and shouted at Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen [3] as she dined at a Mexican restaurant in Washington.”

Bash and Shortell offered no mention consistent findings such as those in a new report by Pew Research Center [4]that 73 percent of Republicans say that the national mainstream media does not understand “people like them,” according to the report. [5]

However, Conway refused to allow CNN to pin blame on the president.

“Pressed about the president’s own language potentially fueling acts of right-wing harassment, Conway defended her boss and alluded to the intense focus on the words coming out of the White House,” write Bash and Shortell, who then quote Conway. “‘You violated my challenge, which is to try to form a sentence, let alone a paragraph, and not mention Donald Trump. Nobody seems capable of doing it. It seems like it’s a physiological impediment for the world,” Conway said.

‘What’s necessary is for people to understand — in front of everybody but especially in front of 13- and 14-year-old girls — that you need to control your temper, control yourself. You need to get over the damn 2016 election and do that because chances are — the big chances and I believe — that this man will be re-elected,” she said. “I don’t want it to become a thing. I just want it to become a teachable moment for everyone that this all has consequences.’”