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CNN chose to ignore transparency concerns when it turned a blind eye to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s archives at the University of Delaware. Biden “unequivocally” denied that he sexually assaulted a former Senate aide in 1993, but during his defense, he said that he will not open up his archives to the public.

CNN headlined Biden’s rebuttal to sexual assault allegations, “Biden denies sexual assault allegation: ‘This never happened.’” Biden said that the alleged incident “unequivocally, it never, never happened.” He added that he would be open to the National Archives releasing information from his Senate service, but not his personal archives at the University of Delaware.

CNN did not criticize Biden’s decision to keep his archives closed to the public. It cited Biden’s claims, which were that the university archives “do not contain personnel files” because those files are kept at the National Archives. CNN accepted Biden’s claim about personnel files without question, which claim lacked standing because the public and the media do not have access to the university archives and therefore cannot confirm his claim.

He also said that the university archives are sealed because their contents could become political “fodder” during the 2020 campaign. Biden said that those documents could be “taken out of context.” CNN failed to point out that his claim about his archives becoming political “fodder” is not a bulletproof defense. Biden is running for president and the public should know what is in his archives because he is a public servant.

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