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CNN shields Biden from press conference criticism

CNN exposed its double-standard when it comes to the 2020 presidential candidates when it insulated presumed Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden from criticism. Specifically, CNN has not pointed out that Biden has avoided holding a live and televised press conference with national media for almost eighty days.

CNN’s latest articles headlined issues such as the number of 2020 presidential debates or criticism of Trump’s latest remarks. For example, CNN headlined [1] Biden’s rebuttal to Trump’s rally, “Biden campaign blasts Trump’s ‘outrageous’ comments on coronavirus testing.” During his Oklahoma rally last weekend, Trump claimed he was joking when he said that he told administration officials to slow down coronavirus testing to avoid increases in coronavirus-positive cases.

But CNN has not published an analysis or article that criticized Biden for avoiding a live press conference with national media figures. Recently, Biden’s campaign focused on holding smaller events with local media outlets in attendance. Contrast Biden’s approach with Trump, where Trump holds press gaggles and fields reporter’s questions in the White House or on White House grounds.

CNN has criticized Trump for not scheduling regular press conferences during stretches of his presidency. It is hypocritical for the cable news network to insulate Biden from similar criticism about transparency and accessibility with the press.